Design Elements


At AQSWW We Have Developed a Filtering Medium That Saturates the Filtering Chambers With 3 to 10 Microns of Coverage With This Level of Saturation Any Size Micron Will Be Trapped and Filtered, There is No Filter That Works at 100% We Have Accounted for This by Designing Layered Levels of Filtration and Flow Through Chambers That Allows for Air to Be Filtered and Released Back Into the Atmosphere Continuously With Out Clogging or Obstruction Due to the Collection of Particulate Matter.

Air Calculations

  • Air scrubber with 100 hp motor fan
  • Cubic Feet per Minutes = CFM
  • One cubic foot of air weighs 13.33 pounds at 75F and 50% relative humidity
  • As temperature increases the weight of air stays the same but the same cubic foot occupies a larger area, due to the warming of the air molecules.
  • To find cubic feet you multiply length X width X height = cubic feet
  • To calculate the feet of air into LB it feet X 13.33= LB of air
  • A 100hp fan move 250cfm = 250,000 CFM

Why It Works

Stanford University’s 2010 study “Enhancement of Local Air Pollution by Urban CO2 Domes” connected sustained temperature inversions, known as “urban CO2 domes” and dangerous levels of PM.

Do to the lack of Cooling towers in unpopulated areas our solution will only have a secondary effect on air quality’s in these areas, we can dramatically reduce PM in predominately closed-system urban areas, where PM’s an air pollutions affects on human health are most dire.

We Will Help Reduce the Health Concerns , Economic Strain and Negative Environmental Affects Connected With Poor Air Quality.