Environmental Effects

In addition to its negative impact on human health, the EPA indicates the eventual settling of particulate matter creates general environmental concerns:

  • Reduced visibility (smog/haze)
  • Reduced pH in lakes and streams
  • Nutrient depletion in soil, coastal waters & large river basins
  • Forest and crop damage
  • Damage to stone and other materials, including culturally important statues and monuments

Health Effects of Air Pollution

  • Premature death
  • Asthma
  • Low birth weights
  • Birth defects
  • Cancer
  • Genetic mutations

Environmental Impact of Air Pollution

  • Acid Rain
  • Contaminated Drinking Water
  • Contaminate Vegetation and Crops
  • Damage to Aquatic Life Mutation of Amphibian Species
  • Accelerated Erosion of Soil and Land

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Based on the new regulation brought forth from EPA, Obama Administration  has set certain standards to follow through on requiring  new coal-fired power plants to be limited to emissions of 1,100 pounds of CO2 per megawatt hour.  In order to meet those levels, new plants would have to implement still-developing carbon capture technology.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is making the coal industry nervous with a proposed rule that would impose new regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from newly constructed power plants. This would permit new coal plants to emit no more than 1,300-1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt hour.

That’s because to meet the standard, new coal-fired power plants would need to install expensive technology to capture carbon dioxide and bury it underground. No coal-fired power plant has done that yet, in large part because of the cost. And those plants that the EPA points to as potential models, such as a coal plant being built in Kemper County, Miss., by Southern Co., have received hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants and tax credits.

We Will Help Reduce the Health Concerns , Economic Strain and Negative Environmental Affects Connected With Poor Air Quality.