Product Information

Average Development Time Will Take Up to 1 to 3 Months to Optimize the Design of the Internal Workings of the Air Scrubber, to Produce the Optimum Air Draw Effect. Shape and Size of the Internal Workings of the Air Scrubber Will Need to Be Constructed to Provide Proper Speed of the Air as It Travels Over the Filtering Area. The Size and Shape Will Be Determined by the Type of Filtration Determined to Be the Most Effective for the Collection of Particulate Mater I.e., Positive and Negative Charged Metal, Water Curtain, or Solid Filter. Once the Construction is Completed a 90 Day Beta Test on a Bank of Cooling Towers Will Need to Be Done to Establish a Baseline of Particulate Matter Removed and Collected Over Total Number of Running Hours During the 90 Day Beta Test Per Cooling Tower Fan.


Cost Factors and Savings

  • Material and Labor Cost is Based on the Financial Market and Economic Demands.
  • Cost Benefit to Using Cooling Tower to Draw Air Into the Scrubber is That Primary Function of These Fans Means That the User is Already Paying for the Electricity to Operate Them.

Ideal Partnership

Beyond capital infusion, we are seeking a joint-venture industry partner that can provide:

  • Data Engineering R&D
  • Effective Market Presence
  • Political Resources

We are confident collaboration with government and industry partners will enable us to dramatically impact human and environmental health by reducing urban particulate pollution and smog.