Air-Quality-Solutions-WorldWide-slider-image-1 Environmental Effects We Will Help Reduce the Health Concerns , Economic Strain and Negative Environmental Affects
Connected With Poor Air Quality. More Importantly is the Improvement in
Quality of Life for People Throughout World.
Air-Quality-Solutions-WorldWide-slider-image Environmental Impact of Air Pollution We Envision a World Where Through Our Collaboration With Governments and Industry Partners
We Will Dramatically Reduce Air Bourne Particulate Matter and Air Pollution Namely Smog.


Air Quality Solutions Worldwide

Our Goal is to Dramatically Reduce the Parts Per Million Amount of Both Large and Small Particulate Matter Pollutants to Improve Air Quality in Cities Throughout the World. Through the Implementation of Our Technology and Use of Air Scrubbing Machines.


Particulate Matter Air Born Pollution

An Estimated 3.2 Million People Died Prematurely in 2010 Because of the Poisonous Effects of Outdoor Air Pollution.
According to the Us Environmental Protection Agency (Epa) All Coal-fired Power Plants Are Required to Install Expensive Technology to Capture Carbon Dioxide and Bury It Underground.

The Size of Contaminants and Particles Are Usually Described in Microns, a Metric Unit of Measure Where One Micron is One-millionth of a Meter. There Are 25,400 Microns in One Inch. The Eye Can See Particles to About 40 Microns. Here Are Some Examples of Common Particulates Sizes in Microns:

Environmental Effects

Health Effects of Air Pollution

Premature death
Low birth weights
Birth defects
Genetic mutations

Environmental Impact of Air Pollution

Acid Rain
Contaminated drinking water
Contaminate vegetation and crops
Damage to aquatic life mutation of amphibian species
Accelerated erosion of soil and land

How Air Scrubbers Works

At AQSWW We Have Developed a Filtering Medium That Saturates the Filtering Chambers With 3 to 10 Microns of Coverage With This Level of Saturation Any Size Micron Will Be Trapped and Filtered, There is No Filter That Works at 100% We Have Accounted for This by Designing Layered Levels of Filtration and Flow Through Chambers That Allows for Air to Be Filtered and Released Back Into the Atmosphere Continuously With Out Clogging or Obstruction Due to the Collection of Particulate Matter.



We are confident collaboration with government and industry partners will enable us to dramatically impact human and environmental health by reducing urban particulate pollution and smog.